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From here you can find out all about our company the service we provide and how to contact us.

JBS Developments have been in business since 1980's and our reputation is one that we are very proud of.

We have the resources and experience to effectively, efficiently and economically provide the service that our customers have come to expect.


When you receive a written proposal from JBS Developments you're getting more that just an estimate, it's a plan. We have the knowledge, procedures and resources to ensure that the job is done correctly and on schedule.

As stated, we are a full service paving company from start-to-finish. We can pull out tree stumps, grade and gravel your lot, pave, sealcoat, stripe, install parking bumpers and much more.

Years ago JBS Developments started out doing the little jobs other companies weren't equipped to handle, such as filling pot holes. We specialise in small jobs with customer satisfaction as our number one concern. This is what has kept JBS Developments, a family owned business, growing yesterday, today and tomorrow.

JBS Developments offers:

Block paving design and installation service a full range of colours and patterns available to choose from. Construction Services, Restoration Services, Maintenance Maintenance Site Drainage, Asphalt Installation, New Paving, Geotextile Fabric Installation Asphalt Sealcoating, Tar and Chip, Pavement Repairs, Sealcoating, Recreational Coatings Designer Paving Patios, Parking Pads, Line Striping, Pavement Marking Concrete and Site Utilities,..and much more.

JBS Developments are fully insured. We guarantee all our work.


JBS Developments